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Fruit and Vegetable Mini Jewelry Cleaner

Product description Ultrasonic power:50w Shell material: environmental protection ABS material Liner material: food grade 304 stainless steel Capacity: 750ML Liner size: 165*130*60mm Dimensions: 206*175*147mm Packing size: 240*198*193mm Time setting: 5 periods are adjustable Power supply:...

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Product description
Ultrasonic power:50w
Shell material: environmental protection ABS material
Liner material: food grade 304 stainless steel
Capacity: 750ML
Liner size: 165*130*60mm
Dimensions: 206*175*147mm
Packing size: 240*198*193mm
Time setting: 5 periods are adjustable
Power supply: AC100-120V, 60Hz/AC220-240V, 50Hz
Net weight: 0.85Kg
Gross weight: 1.15Kg
Ultrasonic cleaning frequency: 40KHz

What items can be cleaned?
Clean eyes, clean jewellery, clean all kinds of small objects (small circuit boards, pens, teats, copper coins, optical discs, metal parts, razors, cutlery)

Show details:
Streamlined appearance, perfect waistline, elegant and stable (product side)
The only network adopts digital liquid crystal display, adjustable timing for 5 periods, simple and convenient operation, more humane (product front)
50W powerful power, let cleaning faster and cleaner, 42000Hz frequency, so that cleaning is more fine
The bottom of the machine is made of high-quality anti-slip foam to improve the stability of the machine when placing the table, and it is more safe and secure to use.

Cleaning instructions:
Cleansing eyes: It is recommended to add a few drops of detergent, generally cleaning 3-5 minutes to clean, professional cleaning can choose lens special cleaning solution is better
Clean the watch: Put a little detergent or hand sanitizer to clean it when cleaning. The non-waterproof watch is stuck on the watch stand. Only the watch band can be cleaned. Even if the watch is waterproof, it is not recommended to put the entire watch into it for cleaning.
Clean the disc: Put a little detergent or hand sanitizer when cleaning will strengthen the cleaning, add at least two-thirds of the volume of water (can wash two at the same time, the disc will be stuck on the disc holder, into the machine boot cleaning)
Rinsing razor: Put a little detergent or hand sanitizer on cleaning will strengthen the cleaning, the cleaning solution will be stirred and dissolved before boot cleaning, then put the shaving head into the machine, holding the razor body by hand Only clean the dirt surface to prevent water ingress.
Cleaning jewelry: When cleaning, put a little detergent or hand sanitizer will strengthen the cleaning, the cleaning solution can be stirred and dissolved after boot cleaning, if there is oxidized sterling silver jewelry please cooperate with professional cleaning fluid better.

Product application scope
Eyewear, Jewelry Store, Watch Repair Shop, Nail Salon, Lab, Dental Clinic

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine
First, family applications:

Items used daily such as gold and silver jewellery, jewelry, headwear, brooches, glasses, bracelets, pens, CDs, shavers, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets, etc., as well as bottles, nipples, and fruits such as grapes, cherries, strawberries, These accessories, tools and fruits are also sterilized while being cleaned. In addition, the hand can also be used for ultrasonic skin care, long-term use can keep the skin tender and full of elasticity. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be used for bartending, alcoholic drinks, and automatic mixing of eggs.

Second, glassware, optical instruments:
All optical lenses, such as various eyeglasses (including contact lenses), magnifiers, telescopes, microscopes, cameras, camcorders, and other lens parts, are cleaned by Zemeng ultrasonic cleaning machines, and all the world's truth is fully revealed.

Third, jade, accessories processing industry:
In the grinding and polishing process, a large amount of dust and dirt will adhere to jade and accessories. These parts are often complex in shape and have many gaps. Traditional cleaning methods are often at a loss, and Zemeng ultrasonic cleaners are unique.

Fourth, watches, precision instruments:
With the Zemeng Ultrasonic Cleaner, clocks and precision instruments eliminate the hassle of disassembling screws, gears, hairsprings, and bracelets, etc., by simply removing the housing and putting it in a container filled with the appropriate cleaning agent (such as gasoline). Cleaning the tank, you can get a multiplier effect of cleaning.

V. Banks, offices, finance, arts and crafts, advertising industry, office supplies:
Such as printers, nozzles, stylus pens, pens, brushes, nozzles, sprayers are often blocked, the seal is often obscured by the adhesion of inkpad, commonly used Zemeng ultrasonic cleaning device can keep fluid and clear. Such as the amount of detergent or other cleaning agent will have a better effect.

Six, communications equipment, electrical maintenance:
The precision circuit boards and spare parts of mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and portable music appliances are cleaned with Zeomic Ultrasonic Cleaner combined with absolute alcohol, and excellent clean and pollution-free cleaning results can be obtained.

VII. Medical institutions and institutions:
The cleaning of all kinds of medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental dentures, dental molds, mirrors, beakers for laboratory experiments, mixing and compounding of various types of pharmaceutical agents can increase efficiency, improve cleanliness, and accelerate chemical reactions. And shorten the time.

Eight gifts:
Whenever festive seasons or fairs, receptions, sororities, alumni associations, awards, etc. are required to prepare gifts, souvenirs, prizes, Zemeng ultrasonic cleaning machines are unique and innovative products, unique and convenient packaging, novel and unique. The cleansing method has obvious and versatile effects... It will make you no longer have to choose gifts, because the cleansing, sterilization, and skin care functions that are integrated into one unit are really a new generation of gifts.

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