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Xiaomi Laser Induction Cleaning Robot
Jun 22, 2018

                 Xiaomi  Laser induction  cleaning robot

This year, stone technology, the research and development team of Mijia floor sweeping Robots, released Mijia's second floor sweeping robot, the Stone floor sweeping Robot. Compared with the previous work, it is fully upgraded in suction, inductor, dust box, filter, obstacle surmounting capability, and has been added to sweep and drag, referring to the functions that users like to see, such as where to sweep and what to do with area cleaning. Recently, I started a stone sweeping robot, let's take a look at the latest product of the rice house, whether I can meet the cleaning needs of lazy people like me.


Appearance: still white tone.




The appearance of the stone sweeping robot is still a common disc design, with white as the main tone, a raised laser sensor more eye-catching, with bright orange as an ornament, the overall design language is still more fashionable.


There are three solid keys at the top of the fuselage of the stone sweeping robot, namely, local cleaning key, power key and recharge key. Careful as you must have noticed, there is also a circle of LED indicators around the power key, which glow white when the power is over 20% and red when less than 20%.

Sensors: all armed.


The stone sweeping robot doesn't have a panoramic camera like Dyson's, but it has so many sensors that it's stunning.


First, it designed a laser rangefinder at the top of the fuselage, which can also be used for path planning, scanning room information at a speed of 5 × 360 degrees per second, and building a room map in real time. The cleaning route along the edge and then along the Z shape was planned to finish the cleaning task.


There is also a omnidirectional pressure sensor on the side, which, unlike the laser sensor, is specifically used for ranging and planning. The purpose of this omnidirectional pressure sensor is to detect collisions in all directions from the top 360, 150 degrees ahead, so as not to be hit by the sofa. The tea table tripped over its feet.


The sensor along the wall allows it to keep its 10mm distance from the wall all the time and does not bump into it.


There are four cliff sensors at the bottom.


The drop sensor, by detecting whether the wheel group is in a compressed state, can stop working immediately when it is lifted off the ground to avoid possible accidents.


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