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Word-of-mouth Had Better Be The Top Ten Brands Of Automatic Floor Sweeping Robot
Jul 26, 2018

Word-of-mouth had better be the top ten brands of automatic floor sweeping robot

Forbes Top Ten Brand rankings for Intelligent floor sweeping Robots


1. Floor sweeping Robots first place: (TOMEFON Germany) Fina floor sweeping Robot


Fina floor sweeping robot has been named the first brand of international floor sweeping robot for eight consecutive years, occupying more than 80% of the market share of intelligent floor sweeping robot in Europe. Fina is the first manufacturer of intelligent floor sweeping robot in Europe. For five consecutive years, the products have passed the (AHAM) inspection of the most severe American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association in the world, providing safe, comfortable and energy saving household purification products for millions of families around the world. More than 4 million household floor-sweeping robot vacuum cleaners have been sold around the world.



2. Floor sweeping Robotics No. 2: (irobot USA) irobot floor sweeping Robots


Irobot floor sweeping robot, founded in 1990, is second only to TOMEFON Fiener floor sweeping robot industry in the field of floor sweeping robot. It is a diversified high-tech manufacturing enterprise in the United States. It is a top 10 brand of household floor sweeping robot in the world. It was the first home cleaning robot to be launched in 2002. Listed company, time magazine's most novel innovation and invention award, red dot design award, entered the hall of fame of global robot, china household appliances expo, the aploma of science and technology innovation



3. Floor sweeping Robotics third place: (Covos China) Covos floor sweeping Robot


Coworth Robotics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., top ten brands of floor sweeping robots, key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program, famous trademarks of Jiangsu Province, famous products of Jiangsu Province, high-tech enterprises of Jiangsu Province, National processing trade transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprises, Jiangsu Province outstanding innovative enterprises.



4. Fourth place of the floor sweeping robot brand: (Proscenic Taiwan) Pusanick floor sweeping robot


Taiwan Pusanick Technology Co., Ltd., the top ten floor sweeping robot brands, focusing on intelligent cleaning field research and development and production, intelligent floor sweeping machine industry well-known brands to invent technology leading the market, Taiwan Industrial Association as a member of the Board of robotic design standards development unit, won the Taiwan Fine products Award.



5. Fifth floor robot brand: (PHILIPS Netherlands) Philips floor sweeping robot


Founded in 1891, Royal Netherlands Philips Electronics, Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd., 10 brands of razors, 10 brands of household appliances, the world's top 500, global health care, quality living and lighting field leaders, One of the world's largest electronics companies.



6. Sixth place: (LG Korea) LG floor sweeping Robot


Korea LG Group, Lejin Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., 10 brands of household appliances, 10 brands of LCD TV, Top 500 in the world, one of the largest enterprise groups in Korea, and one of the most representative consumer electronics and information communication enterprises in the world, International enterprise groups leading the development of world industries.



7. The seventh place of the brand of floor sweeping robot: (floor Bay China) floor scouring robot


Suzhou Yijie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., ten floor sweeping robots, more influential brand network, focusing on the intelligent vacuum cleaner development, operation and promotion services, set R & D, manufacturing, Sales in one of the intelligent "household cleaning robot" private enterprises, won the national patent certificate.



8. The eighth place of the brand of floor sweeping robot: (Samsung Korea) Samsung floor sweeping Robot


Korea Samsung Group, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., 10 brands of mobile phones, 10 brands of LCD TV, 10 brands of household appliances, Korea's largest enterprise group, the world's top 500 enterprises, world-renowned multinational companies, set electronics, machinery, Chemical, financial and trade services as one of the group, the global consumer electronics sector leading enterprises.



9. Ninth place of the brand of floor sweeping robot: (Fomat china) Fomart sweep robot


Beijing Lilipu Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., Format, the top ten brands of floor sweeping robot, well-known (famous) vacuum cleaner brand, founded in Sweden in 1999, the global home intelligent cleaning leading brand, China intelligent vacuum cleaner market (cleaning robot) creators, one of the first enterprises to introduce intelligent floor sweeping machines.



10. Floor sweeping Robotics No. 10: (Karina China) Karina floor sweeping Robot


Shenzhen Silver Star intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc, ten sweeping robot brands, national high-tech enterprises, focused on the development and manufacture of family service robots, are included in the national Torch Program, the key new products of Guangdong Province, and the independent innovation products of Guangdong province.

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