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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Applications
Apr 20, 2018

1. Home Applications: Daily use items such as gold and silver jewellery, jewelry, hair accessories, brooches, glasses, bracelets, pens, CDs, shavers, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets, etc. Bottles, nipples, and fruits such as grapes, cherries , Strawberries, these ornaments, tools and fruits are also being sterilized while being cleaned. In addition, the hand can also be used for ultrasonic skin care, long-term use can keep the skin tender and full of elasticity. Utilizing Gute Ultrasonic Cleaner can also be used for bartending, alcoholic drinks, and automatic mixing of eggs.

2. Glasses, optical instruments: all the optical lenses, such as various glasses, magnifiers, telescopes, microscopes, cameras, cameras and other parts of the lens after ultrasonic cleaning, all the world is full of true feelings.

3. Jade, accessories processing industry: In the grinding and polishing process, a large number of dust and dirt will be attached to the jade, accessories, and these parts are often complex shapes, gaps and more, the traditional cleaning methods are often overwhelmed, and Gute ultrasonic cleaning The device is unique and wonderful.

4. Timepieces, precision instruments: With Gute ultrasonic cleaners, clocks, precision instruments eliminates the hassle of disassembling screws, gears, hairsprings, bracelets, etc., by simply removing the housing and placing the entire cleaning agent in place. In the cleaning tank (such as gasoline), you can achieve a multiplier effect of cleaning.

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