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The Ultrasonic Sensing Sweeping Robot FS-033C
Aug 02, 2018

The Ultrasonic Sensing Sweeping Robot FS-033C

        With a variety of functions: with anti-drop sensing function, desktop, ladder and high cleaning with anti-obstruction function: no way to walk, can actively withdraw. Infrared sensing systems can help robots bypass obstacles and prevent falls from the sky. Ultra-strong activated carbon purifies indoor air, absorbs harmful substances, and effectively improves air quality. Super adsorption ability, can easily clean all kinds of magazines on the ground, dust purification rate up to 96, cleaning efficiency is high.


Low noise design: noise is only 45 decibels, far below the average vacuum cleaner. Super quiet vacuum box and super adsorption ability, can be easily cleaned, erasing all kinds of impurities on the ground.

Special side brush, along the wall walk path mode, clear the dead corner area of the room. Bow cleaning: press remote control to start, with the bow-shaped planning route. To achieve more effective area cleaning, press the fixed point start, a spiral fixed point to a centralized cleaning of an area, suitable for garbage disaster areas.



At the same time, the machine can start cleaning automatically every day without manual operation. Combined with the random mode of the edge bow fixed point, the planning cleaning can improve the cleaning efficiency and coverage area. 



500Pa's maximum wind pressure, big or small dust or paper scraps, screws, can be completely captured by it.


Prevent hair winding, It has a strong suction for the hairs that are attached everywhere, no matter how powerful the adhesion between the hair and the floor is, it can be put into the bag, and every joint in the machine has a hair-resistant design. It is more convenient for users to remove hair from the machine.

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