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The Popular Window Cleaning Robot
Sep 18, 2018

Windows cleaning robot, also called automatic window cleaning machine, glass cleaning robot, intelligent window cleaner and so on, is a kind of intelligent household appliances. It can use the vacuum pump or fan device at the bottom of its own, firmly adhere to the glass, then with the help of a certain artificial intelligence, automatically detect the window angle distance, planning the window cleaning path. Windows-cleaning robots usually use the force of their adsorption on the glass to drive the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass.

The appearance of window-cleaning robot is mainly to help people solve the problem of high-rise window-cleaning and outdoor window-cleaning.


Windows-cleaning robot is a kind of electric appliance that needs to work live, mainly square construction (easy to clean the area of glass edge). When working, connect the power cord to work, although there is battery inside, but its power is only in the emergency to do standby. The interface design of window cleaning robot is relatively simple, most of them are one key control panel plus one hand operation design, and also equipped with remote control, the remote control signal can penetrate the glass without hindrance. The window cleaning robot has a cleaning cloth at the bottom. When it walks on the glass, it drives the cloth through the glass to clean the window.


For the first time, a rechargeable robot needs to be connected to a power source, but for the first time, charge the robot and then start using it. Be aware, however, that the use of an intelligent glass-wiping robot requires a connection to the power supply, and that the backup battery in the machine is equipped to prevent a sudden power outage. Do not use robots in certain environments only for smooth framed glass, not for grinding glass, glass with irregular patterns, glass with radians, glass with sticker decals, because the vacuum pump adsorption principle is used. So in the case of fog, rain, frost, ice or water on the glass, no. Recommended use to avoid machine sliding false failure. The safety buckle and safety rope intelligent glass wiping robot will produce 50000 Pa of suction when working on the glass, but users of the upper floor must try the safety buckle and safety rope when cleaning the outside glass. The individually adsorbed safety buckle can withstand the vertical gravity of 12KG so that in the event of an accident, the window guard does not fall downstairs and break or injure people.


With the shock of smart glass-wiping robots on the market, this problem will be completely changed. Intelligent glass-wiping robot uses self-developed program and horizontal control technology, computer trajectory planning, automatic detection of door and window edges. The vacuum adsorption system adopts imported motor with higher power and can walk freely on glass doors and windows with strong magnet inside and outside. The unique liquid crystal display technology, real-time monitoring the working status, if there is a problem in the process of use, can find the reason in time and solve the .2.4G wireless remote control system so that the remote control can break through the traditional distance limit of 30 minutes of UPS emergency protection power supply. Even if the power is suddenly cut off, you don't have to. Fear of falling off; in addition, the extension of the power line and safety rope in coordination, safe and reliable. More scientific air outlet design, in the use of less noise.

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