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The Popular Ultraviolet Hand-held Mites Removal
Sep 07, 2018

Mite removal machine, also known as ultraviolet acariasis vacuum cleaner, is specially used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mites and other allergens on beds, sofas, carpets, clothing and any textile products.



Motor power is 350 watts, the powerful vacuum-driven dust-cleaning power to every corner of the mattress thoroughly dust sterilization.


Smooth shape, beautiful and generous, ergonomic design handle, more convenient to use, more comfortable.

Design of 360 degree bottom Roller

Smooth bottom roller can be operated more easily on bedding, giving you a new feeling of smooth dust removal.


Initiating the "Light cleaning" act

Combining "strong beating", "clean exhaust", "ultraviolet sterilization", "rotating brush" together, we can get rid of mites and house dust more thoroughly in bed mattress.

High frequency vibration

The mite removal machine effectively cleans dust mites, their bodies and excreta on the surface and deep of the mattress through 8000 high frequency vibrations in one minute. Each time after removing mites, put them on the UV base, through 5 minutes of ultraviolet disinfection can also avoid secondary pollution. At the same time, the dual HEPA design filters dust, odors and bacteria and emits clean air.



1.UV sterilization lamp will be turned on to kill mites;

2.Beating device will continue to beat quilts, quilt deep mites all "shock" out;

3.Suction powerful hand-held vacuum cleaners, mites, dust, animal hair and so on are sucked away;

4.If there is any omission in the HEPA filter screen, the inhaler will be filtered out by the dust gas separation technology to avoid the secondary pollution caused by the inhaler floating out again.

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