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The Popular Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Sep 05, 2018

The traditional washing machine needs many detergents, which pollutes the environment, consumes water, consumes electricity, and is easy to wear and tear, but the washing effect is not ideal. Ultrasonic washing machine is equipped with ultrasonic high frequency oscillator inside the washing machine. By applying the principle of ultrasonic wave, high frequency oscillation wave is produced, which causes a large number of tiny bubbles between the water flow and clothing, and makes use of the pressure shock wave produced when the air bubble breaks down. It can separate dirt from clothing completely, complete washing condition automatically, can use detergent less or less, improve environment pollution, save water resources, and have good washing effect.


Clothing does not need to move greatly, so it is not easy to wind, and reduce friction and wear, less power consumption, extended the service life of washing machine and related parts. The common washing machine usually uses the detergent to react with the dirt on the clothing, and then uses clear water to drain the dirt out of the machine to achieve the purpose of washing clothes. However, this cleansing effect is limited, can only clean the clothing surface, laundry powder or detergent residue on the surface of clothing can also stimulate the human skin.


Different from the traditional washing method, ultrasonic washing machine mainly uses the "cavitation" effect of ultrasonic wave to produce huge energy, which dissolves dirt from clothes and dissolves it into water to wash clothes.


Using ultrasonic wave laundry, the biggest advantage is environmental protection. In the ordinary washing powder, a kind of auxiliary agent called sodium phosphate is used to decontaminate the water quality. The sewage containing sodium phosphate will cause water pollution when it is discharged underground, and 4A zeolite, a phosphorus substitute used in the non-phosphorus washing powder, will also pollute the water quality. Ultrasonic washing machines are not only pollution-free, but also save 1/3 more water than ordinary washing machines.

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