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The Popular Lidar Navigation Sweeping Robot
Aug 20, 2018

Currently, many brands of smart floor sweeping robots, such as Neato, within Covos and inxni, are using laser navigation. Intelligent floor sweeping robot has been in the home of ordinary consumers for a long time, but its arrival has not been fully recognized by consumers. The main reason for this is that the floor sweeping robot can not fulfill the cleaning requirements, and many intelligent floor sweeping robots do not achieve true intelligence, and there are often irregular situations such as running around, repeatedly cleaning, etc. Efficiency is very low. With the help of laser navigation technology and built-in computing chip, intelligent floor sweeping robot can draw accurate space. Part of the picture, and easy to deal with any complex terrain, compared with the traditional floor sweeping robot random collision, no way to walk in a mixed way has a huge advantage.


Many consumers feel that random collisions are the "nature" of floor sweeping robots that cannot be changed, and gradually "tolerate" random collisions of floor sweeping robots. In fact, in addition to the recent, in the domestic attention of the inxni navigation floor sweeping robot, foreign iRobott Neatoto, Samsung, domestic Coworth has been carried with navigation technology, more or less solve the problem of random floor sweeping robot random collision.


Compared to iRobot and Samsung, which use laser navigation to make floor sweeping robots "navigable" and "more approachable," Neato.inxni uses laser heads at the top to fire laser lines. To determine the obstacles identified by the laser scan ahead. Only Neato and Covos are straight and straight laser lines, which will produce certain errors in scanning, and the identification of obstacles is lower than that of navigation sweeping robot within inxni.

It is reported that because of the built-in lidar, the navigation sweeping robot can launch the 700-800nm laser line through the laser head in front of the collision plate, while the camera receives the laser line and starts walking at the speed of the 25cm/s to identify the sector area ahead. If there are obstacles ahead, will quickly make a judgment, active avoidance.


In addition, with built-in lidar, sending and receiving back and forth laser lines, the navigation sweeping robot can accurately locate itself and furniture environment, build 2D map of the whole house automatically, and lay the foundation for full coverage and cleaning. And through the calculation of Luban algorithm, in the established map, the area greater than 45 meters will be divided actively, and each area will be swept, will adhere to the arch straight line, to ensure that there is no omission to clean, Consumers no longer have to worry about where they haven't been swept.

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