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The Popular Intelligent Air Humidifier
Oct 18, 2018

Humidifier is a kind of household appliance that increases the humidity of the room. Humidifier can humidify the designated room or enter the modern engineering design, the good environment brings the human body and the product benefit, the factory building, the production workshop, the storehouse, the office and the home environment control is paid more and more attention by people. For example: winter indoor dryness, air humidity is not up to standard humidity (40%RH-60%RH), dry environment will lead to water loss, accelerate life aging. Humidifier can create ideal indoor humidity, care for family health.


In general, temperature can directly affect people's feelings of living environment. Similarly, humidity can also affect people's lives and health. With the improvement of people's living standard, air conditioning is widely used, which leads to skin strain, dry tongue, cough, cold and other air conditioning diseases. Science has proved that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life. Medical research shows that when the humidity of the room reaches 45 ~ 65 RH and the temperature is 20 ~ 25 degrees, the human body and mind are in a good state, no matter work, rest can get the ideal effect.


Humidifiers also have many wonderful uses, such as adding a few drops of vinegar in the humidifier, can play a bactericidal effect. Add some lavender essential oil to the humidifier at night to improve sleep quality. Proper humidification in the room to effectively maintain wood furniture deformation, just brush the wall without cracking.


The main function of humidifier is to increase indoor humidity, so that human physiology and thinking are in good condition, work and rest have better effects, and healthy humidity can not only inhibit the breeding and spread of germs, but also improve immunity. This is a popular saying, of course, the role of humidifiers can also be specific to different effects.

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