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The Popular High Temperature Steam Mop
Sep 12, 2018

The principle of steam mop is to sterilize and sterilize the home environment by heating water, producing pressure and high temperature, and directly sterilizing and sterilizing by high temperature and high pressure steam. Steam mop generally has high temperature sterilization, oil removal and other functions. Use high pressure to produce steam, can clean and sterilize, easy to deal with difficult dirt. Whether it's the greasy dirt of the kitchen smokescreen, the mildew in the wet bathroom, or the engine and interior of the car, steam mop cleans the dirt quickly, saves time and effort, and is economical and economical. Do not need to add any detergent, fully in line with economic principles.


Steam mop has super oil removal, dirt, stubborn function. The biggest headache in home life is the oil stains on the hood, the stains in the toilet, the urine stains, the stains on the leather sofas, and the old stains left over from places that the hands often touch, such as refrigerators, microwave doors, and so on. No matter the use of brush, steel ball or cleaning agent, some even use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strictly prohibited chemical corrosion products can not achieve the desired results. The steam mop is made of high-performance brushes made by multi-function cleaning machine. There is no escape of stains while washing and brushing.


Steam mop has cleaning edge, empty slot, corner function. A bedroom, floor, edge, corner, door frame, window, refrigerator drawer, partition, sink, cabinet, sofa edge, bottom, etc., that cannot be scrubbed with a rag or mop. A slight spray of 130C high temperature steam can easily make the stubborn stains that adhere to these dead corners fall off themselves, and the original dirty place is instantly renewed, which is the power of the steam mop.

Steam mop has the function of efficient glass cleaning.


Usage method

1. Unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, add the right amount of water as required, be careful not to flood too much. Turn the safety helmet clockwise, assemble the fittings according to the items to be cleaned (see instruction), connect the power plug, and the power indicator will light up. Wait 3-4 minutes, hold down steam spray button, spray steam after use.

2. After cleaning, place the cleaner for a period of time, let its fuselage completely cool, please keep it in the shade. Spray steam on people, pets and plants is strictly prohibited.

3. When cleaning, do not put in detergent or soapy water, be sure to use normal tap water.

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