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The Popular Convenient Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Sep 25, 2018

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, ultrasonic technology is more and more deep into all fields of people's production and life. From ultrasonic thickness measurement to ultrasonic diagnosis, treatment, cleaning, ranging, fishing and so on. However, many of the applications of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the cleaning industry, people are still very little known until the benefits of superacoustic cleaning machines are naturally difficult to popularize. The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows:


Good cleaning effect

The cleaning methods used in industrial cleaning are generally manual cleaning, machine solvent cleaning, steam gas cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning instrument cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been recognized as a kind of cleaning method with high efficiency and good effect. Its cleaning efficiency has reached more than 98% and its cleanliness has reached a high level. However, the cleaning efficiency of traditional manual cleaning and mechanical solvent cleaning is only 60%-70%, even the cleaning efficiency of gas phase cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning is less than 90%. How difficult is the cleaning of spare parts, put them into the cleaning solution, as long as it is accessible The cleaning function of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in liquid area can be achieved. For manual and other cleaning methods can not be completely effective cleaning of the workpiece has a significant cleaning effect. The bubbles produced in the liquid are very uniform during cleaning, so the cleaning effect of the workpiece is very good. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve different effects according to different solvents, such as oil removal, rust removal or Camarinization. Combined with the use of cleaning agent to accelerate the separation and dissolution of pollutants can effectively prevent cleaning liquid from corrosion of the workpiece.


Low cost of cleaning

In all cleaning methods, cleaning costs are generally: equipment costs and consumption costs. The service life of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is more than ten years, and the cost of purchasing equipment may be higher than that of manual cleaning and alkaline solvent cleaning, which is lower than that of gas cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning. Take VGT-1018S as an example, the price lattice is about 10 thousand yuan, the power consumption lkW/h is about 0. 6 yuan; the basic metal cleaning agent 1 kg, price lattice is about 20 yuan, can be repeatedly used 20-50 hours (depending on the degree of pollution), equivalent to 0.4-1 yuan / h, and the average worker. The cleaning time is only 3-15 minutes, so the cost of using the superacoustic cleaning machine is not only good, but also less than 0.04 yuan / piece. The savings in labor costs are far less than his methods of cleaning.


Avoid labor injury

Complex mechanical parts that used to take a long time to carry out manual cleaning through heavy physical labor in places where the environment is more messy, After the use of the superacoustic cleaning machine, the working environment has been improved and the harm caused by manual cleaning to the workpiece has been reduced to a minimum. The labor intensity is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced, and the cleaning time is only less than 1/4 in the continuous improvement of the precision of the forehead cleaning. In addition, superacoustic cleaning can effectively reduce environmental pollution and reduce the damage caused by toxic solvents to human beings.

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