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The Popular Automatic Floor Sweeping Robot
Sep 21, 2018

Floor sweeping robot, also called automatic cleaning machine, intelligent vacuum cleaner and so on, is a kind of intelligent household appliance, which can finish the floor cleaning work in the room automatically by virtue of certain artificial intelligence. Generally, brushing and vacuum are used to absorb the ground debris into its own garbage collection box, so as to complete the function of ground cleaning. Generally speaking, the completion of cleaning, cleaning robot, also unified as a sweeping robot.

Floor sweeping robots were first sold in the European and American markets, with the improvement of domestic living standards, step by step into China.


At present, the intelligent floor sweeping robot on the market is wireless machine, mainly disk type, mostly thin, lightweight and popular. Floor sweeping robots use rechargeable batteries to operate as remote controls or operating panels on the machine. With the technology innovation of intelligent floor sweeping robot, the general floor sweeping robot can set the time to make a reservation to clean and self-intelligent recharge. Intelligent floor sweeping robots have sensors in front of them to detect obstacles and avoid obstacles such as walls. At the same time, it can take different cleaning routes and clean areas according to the home environment.


With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, the rhythm of people's life is quickening, the pressure of work is also rising, and the tedious housework becomes a great burden. As a result, people hope to be liberated from housework, especially some of the daily cleaning things. In this context, the floor sweeping robot officially appeared, and rapid development.

Influenced by the reality of life and the idea of intelligence, the industry of floor sweeping robot at home and abroad is in "golden period" at present, and the market heat is increasing day by day. The main reason is that the floor sweeping robot conforms to the current trend of social development and can meet the individual needs of different consumer groups.

For urban workers, sweeping robots can highlight fashion tastes and improve the quality of life; for housewives, sweeping robots can moderately share the burden of household chores and enhance family fun; for pure technological trendsetters, sweeping robots are pioneers in smart home products, but also experience artificial intelligence technology. One of the channels.


Matters need attention

1. Floor sweeping robots belong to household products, preferably not in outdoor use, lest affect the use of floor sweeping machine life.

2. Use only the original rechargeable battery and rechargeable battery seat which is specially supplied by the manufacturer. The use of non-rechargeable battery and battery specification information is strictly prohibited to be based on the product itself attached to the "product parameters" as a benchmark.

3. Please confirm the dust box before using the product. The filter material has been installed in place.

4. Before using the product, you can clean down the power cord and small items on the ground to avoid obstructing the product in the process of cleaning.Fold the edge of the blanket under the carpet and keep hanging curtains, tablecloths, etc out of contact with the floor. Minimize obstacles to the work of a floor sweeping robot.

5. Product temperature range from-10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, do not use in low temperature or high temperature environment. 6. Do not use in wet environment to avoid electrical machinery from short-circuit fire. If it's not a floor sweeping robot that's dry and wet,never absorb water.

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