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The Newest Ultrasonic Cleaner
Aug 27, 2018

The ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, causes the liquid and the cleaning tank to vibrate together under the ultrasonic frequency, the liquid and the cleaning tank vibration has its own natural frequency, this kind of vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, therefore people hear the buzzing. With the continuous development of cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied ultrasonic cleaning machine.


For the high frequency oscillation signal sent out by the ultrasonic generator in the principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the signal is transmitted to the medium cleaning solvent through the conversion of the transducer into the high frequency mechanical oscillation. The ultrasonic wave in the cleaning liquid dredge the forward radiation between the dense phases. Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles with a diameter of 50-500 μ m are produced by the flow of liquid, and the tiny bubbles in the liquid vibrate under the action of sound field.


These bubbles are formed and grown in the negative pressure region of ultrasonic longitudinal propagation, while in the barotropic region, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly and then closes suddenly. And when the bubble closes, it produces a shock wave that creates thousands of big waves around it. Air pressure destroys insoluble dirt and disperses it in the cleaning solution. When the group particles are coated by oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified, solids and separated, thus achieving the purpose of cleaning the part. In this process known as cavitation, bubble closure can create several hundred degrees of temperature and more than 1,000. The instantaneous high pressure of air pressure.


Use item

1. Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and heater power supply must have good grounding device.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without cleaning liquid, that is, cleaning cylinder without a certain amount of cleaning liquid, do not turn on ultrasonic switch.

3. The cleaning equipment with heating equipment is strictly forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid.

4. Do not use weight (iron) impact cleaning cylinder bottom to avoid damage to the energy converter wafer.

5. Ultrasonic generator power supply should be used alone 220V/50Hz power supply and equipped with 2000 W voltage stabilizer.

6. Wash the bottom of the cylinder regularly without excessive debris or dirt.

7. Each time when changing the liquid, wait for ultrasonic start, before washing parts.

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