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The Newest Multi-purpose Hand-held Steam Cleaner
Aug 20, 2018


Function introduction

1. Cleaning function

The biggest headache in home life is the oil stains on the hood, the stains in the toilet, the urine stains, the stains on the leather sofas, and the old stains left over from places that the hands often touch, such as refrigerators, microwave doors, and so on. No matter the use of brush, steel ball or cleaning agent, some even use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strictly prohibited chemical corrosion products can not achieve the desired results.

2. Sterilization and disinfection

The steam ejected after environmental protection and high efficiency heating can reach a high temperature of 130 , coupled with enormous pressure, can clean, sterilize, sterilize and disinfect household articles at one time. It is extremely powerful to kill tiny bacteria that cause human body diseases, and to Escherichia coli. Mites and other bacteria have a good killing effect, effectively inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria. Suitable for family tableware, furniture, bedding, etc. Create a cleaner and healthier living environment for your family.

3. Ironing clothes

The utility model can replace the steam iron completely by installing small ironing board on the multifunctional cleaning machine. It is convenient, quick and power saving. It not only makes the cotton shirt and wool suit smooth and straight, but also can be used in local dry cleaning, and any cloth can be used. 


4.Remove odour

No matter the room or clothing has any odour, smoke, alcohol, pet smell, and so on, just a light spray, easy to handle. Think of crumpled clothes in an instant can be restored flat, but also can all kinds of odors away, with a snow leopard multi-functional cleaning machine as with an intelligent "small nanny", convenient, fast, comfortable, A comfortable life is readily available.

5.Long acting and fragrant

In order to bring fragrance to some daily necessities, people usually applied perfume to articles, but the effect of this method is not obvious, the time of keeping fragrance is short, the consumption of perfume is large, and the cost is high. No matter how expensive perfume is sprayed on the market, the fragrance is concentrated and then diluted. It can only be used for a day. It is not only troublesome but also expensive. However, the use of long-lasting incense with low cost, long time to stay, there are a variety of flavors available (rose, jasmine, carnations, osmanthus, white magnolia, nocturniae, sandalwood, palace, apple, cologne, etc.), generally for ties, suits, etc. Sweaters, coats, curtains, blankets, calendars, poker Perfumed paper fans, carts and hotel rooms, persistent, pure, non-toxic, non-odorous.

6.Air humidification

The multi-function cleaning machine can adjust the steam quantity and can completely replace the air humidifier. Release steam naturally in the air, adjust the dry and wet degree of the air, give you a clean and natural space, and make your life more moist.



1.Quick: Steam cleaners need only 30 seconds of preheating time to spray out strong steam for sterilizing and sterilizing, while ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaners require 10 to 15 minutes of preheating time.

2.Security: Steam cleaning machine can be added water anytime, anywhere, which makes cleaning work can be carried out continuously, working hours can also be indefinitely extended, safe and fast. But the ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaner needs to release steam cooling and then add water to use after running out of water, causing trouble in use, if the exhaust steam outlet is blocked, it may lead to explosion danger.

3.Practical: Steam cleaner with different two-stage pressure steam can be selected according to the need of use, very practical. Ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaning machine only one pressure steam, there is no choice.

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