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The Newest Mite Removal Machine MA-037
Aug 14, 2018

The mite removal instrument has the effect of removing mites. Demiter is a kind of ultraviolet anti-mite machine used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mites and other allergens on beds, sofas, carpets, clothing and any textile articles.


Mite removal machine mainly through "strong pat", "clean exhaust", "ultraviolet sterilization", "rotating brush" and other joint operation, will be hidden in the mattress of mites in the dust collection box. The mattress mites machine cleans the dust mites and their corpses and excreta from the surface and deep of the mattress effectively through about 6000 times of high frequency vibration in one minute (each brand is different). Some mite removal machines are equipped with double HEPAs to filter dust, odors and bacteria and exhaust clean air. However, the vibration frequency of each product is different. The experiment shows that the higher the vibration frequency, the better the acaricidal effect.


Mite removal principle

1. The principle of general mite removal instrument

Built-in powerful batter, using a frequency of several thousand times per minute to simulate the movement of human tools to beat bedding, internal dust pat, hair, dandruff and other dirt, was brushed in by the high speed rotating brush head, The dust chamber of the vacuum cleaner is inhaled through a strong suction force. Finally, by simulating the sunlight with ultraviolet rays, the microorganism cells were directly destroyed, and the mites, bacteria and molds lost their survival and fecundity. In addition, if there is any omission of the HEPA filter, the inhaler will be filtered out by the dust gas separation technology to avoid the secondary pollution caused by the inhalation floating out.

2. Principle of ultraviolet mites removal instrument

Ultraviolet rays can kill some dust mites under certain conditions, and then suck out dust, wool, hair, and mite carcasses through brushes. UV radiation time is short, can kill only a small part of the mites.

3. Principle of ultrasonic mites removal instrument

The scrambling ultrasonic wave of 40000Hz is produced, and the unique frequency of ultrasonic wave is applied to the mites to make them deviate from the physiological equilibrium position, which can effectively inhibit the feeding and reproduction of dust mites during their life cycle.


How to use mite removal instrument

1. Connect one end of the power adapter with the acaricide meter, turn on the power supply, the blue working indicator light (only one light on the left inner side) is on, and put it to the ear to hear a slight sound, indicating that the acaricide meter is starting to work.

2. Please place the demiter in the room where the air is clear and there are no obstacles, such as: bedside table, above 10CM above the bed (please do not put it on the floor or facing the corner of the wall), the emitter should be oriented toward the open space of the room, It is best not to open the door or window for a long time so as not to affect the effect, and the doors and windows are best open.

3. The first 15 days 24 hours of power supply, and then 12 hours a day, until the home without mites can stop using.

4. The accessible area of the instrument is about 80 square meters. Because the home has doors and windows, walls and furniture and other barriers, so the actual area of less than 50 square meters, so generally a bedroom to place a mite removal apparatus.

5. There is a time course in using the instrument to remove the mites. During this process, the mites are gradually reduced, so the effect is gradually shown. Please be patient and persist in using it.

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