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The Most Famous Top 10 Sweeping Robot
Jun 21, 2018

    The most famous top 10 sweeping robot


      TOP 6 : Xiaomi cleaning robot


Xiaomi, as a rising emerging product in China, is also at the top of the rankings, adding color to the Tornadoes system of the Mijia floor sweeping robot. As a rising star, the Mijia floor sweeping robot has a single style at present, but it performs well in the details of cleaning cracks near the wall. It can keep an accurate 1cm distance from the wall, and with the work of brushing, it can clean up the dust from the cracks in the wall. Also has the rice home App remote control and so on.


Top 7: Philips


PHILPS, founded in Holland, mainly produces lighting, household appliances and medical systems, is one of the world's most popular electronic brands and is very popular in the European market. Although it started late in the field of intelligent cleaning robot, it has developed rapidly. Its products are relatively light and can be used in different corners and homes.



Top 8: Panasonic (Panasonic)


Panasonic is Japan , electronics manufacturer , Panasonic dust collection products , the suction of the hand - held dust collector has been highly praised , it is a strength product , and Panasonic has invested a lot of money to build the self - propelled intelligent floor - cleaning robot , and launched the intelligent floor - cleaning robot after repeated improvement . It has five cleaning modes , and has seven integrated strong dust - removing technology , and has the reservation function , but the cleaning degree of the sweeper is slightly insufficient .


TOP 9:Dibea (shellfish)


Dibei is also a Chinese-made floor-sweeping robot, and only focused on the floor-sweeping robot. Its appearance, intelligence, cleaning effect has been quite mature, and it is also the first to use voice operation tips, products, but the selection of shellfish should be based on the household size, size, A combination of requirements to select the right products and working hours and even battery, more custom-made products.



Top 10: Proscenic


Dog is also a brand from China, is the first to enter the United States, Su Ning electrical vacuum cleaner brand. Dog intelligent floor sweeping robot with light, thin, beauty to replace the market thick, heavy, hard design style. The puppies fully attach to the ground on the dust audit, effectively improve the dust cleaning effect, but the dog's follow-up cleaning work is more time-consuming, and the battery life board makes the puppy more suitable for the general home or small office use.     



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