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The Most Famous Top 10 Sweeping Robot
Jun 20, 2018



A survey of more than 800 people showed that more than 40% of the people chose to clean up the robot when they chose to sweep the ground. About 30% of the people were more willing to choose intelligent cleaning robots, including intelligent cleaning routes, automatic homing, and so on. About 20% of the people chose to pay attention to noise problems when choosing to sweep robots, and 5% stressed that excellent cleaning robots should be strong. Through this survey, we selected ten excellent sweeping robots. Let's take a look at the brands that sweep the top ten of the sweeping robots.


             Top 1: TOMEFON(Finna 


In addition to more than 35 years of German Seiko technology experience, the company has helped build intelligent floor sweeping robots aimed at air purification. Finna TOMEFON intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with special intelligent chip. It has the function of locating and the thinking of building map sweeping. The bow-shaped cleaning technology of Finna TOMEFON can avoid random sweep and repeat sweep and so on. Finn TOMEFON intelligent floor sweeping robots carry dust boxes using air purifier filter standards, so that the air is cleaner. For a long life, Phina TOMEFON is the first to use energy conservation and environmental protection of the power lithium battery, the advantages of life.






TOP 2:Dyson (Dai Sen)


Comprehensive ranking after Ferna Dyson, brand from the United Kingdom, is a niche high-end brand, star products are wireless vacuum cleaners, dustless bag vacuum cleaners and so on. Dyson is very sophisticated both in appearance and in the production of products, better than the equivalent in the more powerful suction, smaller fuselage, but because of the high-end line, so the price of the product is also higher. In the area of floor-sweeping robots, the absence of life, virtual walls, and so on requires some lifting space.


TOP 3:iRobot


IRobot from the United States, the company for the world renowned MIT computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory technology transfer and investment in robotics and technology professional R & D company. IRobot is a robotics company, its floor sweeping robots can not be underestimated. There are two series of Roomba and Braave wiping robots, which use sensors to determine the cleaning area. It does random movement in the cleaning area and ensures cleanliness through repeated cleaning. This has the disadvantage of relatively time-consuming cleaning.


Top 4: Neatoto (Li Tuo)


From Silicon Valley, intelligent laser guidance systems have been at the heart of every robot, even before the world-famous Google driverless car. The sweeping robot also uses Google's proprietary RPS laser ranging system for driverless cars to scan and generate 3D maps. Maps can be built for cleaning even in dark environments. The deficiency is the battery life capacity is insufficient, need to charge again after the breakpoint sweep.


Top 5: ECOVACS (Coworth)


Coworth from China, with the world's most complete home service robot product line, become the global home service robot industry pioneer, as well as home service robot industry standard-setters. There are ground cleaning robot, automatic window cleaning robot, air purifying robot, robot housekeeper and other multi-line products. Coworth products are at the overall average level, but manual return is often needed to be solved.


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