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The Latest Ultrasonic Mite Removal Instrument
Aug 24, 2018

Acariasis allergy is an unfamiliar allergic disease, but it can be dangerous and deadly in severe cases (E. g., allergic asthma to mites). If you are careful enough, you will find that there have been more and more news reports on mites in recent years, which is also reflected in the increasing number of people allergic to mites and the increasing demand for the removal of mites.


Mites are not really terrible, terrible is the number of mites breeding, the number of mites a day more than the number of ah! Once there was a saying called: a day without sun, 1 million mites sleep with you. Enough to know how fast the mites breed, but how fast they die! Basically, the life span of mites is within a week, so we must effectively suppress the propagation and growth of mites in order to effectively stop the spread of mites.




Mite removal instrument is a high-tech mite removal product, which uses modern microelectronic technology to effectively kill mites by using ultrasonic waves, effectively inhibits the growth and reproduction of mites, and reduces the number of mites. In order to reduce the allergic symptoms of mites and mites infection symptoms, completely away from the "mites" life. To create a comfortable, sanitary, free from mites troubled living environment.

When the researchers studied the physiological characteristics and living habits of mites, they found that the nervous system of mites is very fragile and sensitive to the special frequency of ultrasound. In view of this feature, researchers have developed a multi-scan frequency conversion mites natural enemy mites. Aiming directly at the nervous system weakness of mites, it uses modern microelectronic technology to apply special frequency ultrasound to the nervous system of mites. After exposure to ultrasonic environment, mites will be very uneasy and painful, their physiological system will begin to be disordered, their appetite will be depressed, they will quickly escape from the original parasitic place or die gradually, and eventually the concentration of mites in the environment will be reduced, and the patient's excess will be greatly alleviated or eliminated. Sensitive symptoms. The results showed that the range of mite removal without hindrance was 6080 / 7 days, and the mite inhibition rate of 78.2 / 15 days was 97.1.The life span of mites was 5 to 6 years, which could effectively prevent mites from breeding at home for a long time and create a healthy living environment without mites.



1.Mite removal instrument to bring us convenience and ease, as long as the connection of power can be worry-free mites;

2.The mite removing instrument is small and exquisite, easy to carry;

3.Low cost of use, a month of electricity consumption only 1-2 degrees of electricity;

4.Known as the world's most advanced, most effective, the most environmentally friendly new technology to eliminate mites.

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