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Steam Mop Use Method
Apr 20, 2018

1. Unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from the top down, add the appropriate amount of water as required, be careful not to overfill the water (maximum water injection 1.5L), turn the safety helmet off clockwise, and assemble the accessories according to the customer's items to be cleaned (Refer to the instruction manual), connect the power plug, at this time the power indicator will light, wait 3-4 minutes, press and hold the steam injection button, spray out the steam can be used.

2. After cleaning, leave the cleaner for a while to allow it to cool completely. Store in a cool place. Never spray vapor on people, pets, or plants.

3. Do not put detergent or soapy water when cleaning, be sure to use ordinary tap water.

Scope of application: flow table, cutting board, range hood, wood flooring, screens, bathroom equipment, ovens, temple walls, smoking rooms, macular walls, car engines, tires, interior, chain watches, not easy to clean Jewelry, plush dolls and other children's toys, coats and fabric sofas.

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