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Routine Maintenance Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Apr 20, 2018

First, power

When checking power supply equipment, it is necessary to ensure that it meets the specifications. For the operator, the installation of the line circuit must be grounded. At the same time, when the switch is turned on, it must be ensured that the switch is independent.

Second, prohibit the use of flammable cleaners

To solve this problem, many consumers will ask, in fact, for the flammability cleaning agent, it will affect the safety of the cleaning, otherwise in the process of using the cleaning machine, there may be explosions and other crisis incidents.

Third, equipment abnormalities require professional repairs

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines must be carried out under the conditions of professional operation. If abnormal problems occur, they must also be handed over to professionals for repairs. They cannot be resolved without authorization.

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