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Floor Sweeping Robot
Jul 25, 2018

Floor sweeping robot

Overall introduction

Floor sweeping robot, also called automatic cleaning machine, intelligent vacuum cleaner and so on, is a kind of intelligent household appliance, which can finish the floor cleaning work in the room automatically by virtue of certain artificial intelligence. Generally, brushing and vacuum are used to absorb the ground debris into its own garbage collection box, so as to complete the function of ground cleaning. Generally speaking, the completion of cleaning, cleaning robot, also unified as a sweeping robot.

Floor sweeping robots were first sold in the European and American markets, with the improvement of domestic living standards, step by step into China.04.jpg

Chinese name: Floor sweeping robot

Foreign name: Robotcleaner

Applicable environment: home space, offic     

Service life:5~8


The fuselage of the sweeping machine is a wireless machine, with the disk type as the main type. Operate using a rechargeable battery, operated as a remote control, or as an operating panel on the machine. Generally can set a time to clean, self-charging. Sensors are set up ahead to detect obstacles, such as walls or other obstructions, turn themselves and follow different routes according to each manufacturer, and plan to clear the area. (some of the earlier models may lack some functionality) because of their simplicity and ease of operation, they have become increasingly popular as household appliances for office workers or modern families.

Robot technology is becoming more and more mature, so each brand has a different direction of research and development, with a special design, such as: double vacuum cover, with a hand-held vacuum cleaner, dust collection box can wash and mop the floor function, can put aromatic, Or photocatalyst sterilization and other functions.


The fuselage is a removable device with automatic technology, and the vacuum cleaning device with a dust collecting box, setting control path with the fuselage, walking repeatedly in the room, such as cleaning along the side, sweeping, sweeping, straight-line cleaning and so on, with the side brush, the central brush rotation, the rag and so on, to strengthen the cleaning effect, so as to complete the personification home. Cleaning effect.


Noumenon: different manufacturers brand design, the appearance will be different.

Rechargeable battery: nickel-hydrogen battery is the main battery, lithium battery is used partly, but the unit price of lithium battery is usually high. The battery charge time and service time of each manufacturer are also different.

Rechargeable seat: can provide a robot vacuum cleaner self-charging home.

Dust collection box: different from general vacuum cleaner paper bag, dust collection box is available to collect dust. It is roughly divided into two types: one. Central dust collection box 2. Place on the back end of the dust collection box.

Remote control: control robot vacuum cleaners, can also be controlled by the fuselage.


Clean system classification

First: single suction

The single suction cleaning method is useful for floatation ash on the ground, but it is not good for dust deposited under the table and electrostatic adsorption. (relatively simple design with only one suction port)

Second: middle brush clamp

It has good cleaning effect on large particulate matter and carpet, but it is less suitable for floor dust treatment, which is more suitable for the domestic environment of European carpet. On the Asian market Dali stone floor and wood floor dust cleaning is poor. (the main surface of the cleaning mode passes through a plastic brush, and a brush rotates to pick up the garbage)

Thirdlifting V brush cleaning system

Taking Taiwan model as an example, it adopts the floating cleaning of lifting V brush, which can better connect the brush system to the ground environment, relatively speaking, the electrostatic adsorption dust cleaning on the opposite side is more in place. (the entire V brush system can automatically rise and fall and form a vacuum negative pressure in the triangle)

Detection system classification

1. Infrared sensing

Infrared transmission distance is long, but the use of the environment is very high requirements, when met with light color or dark household items it can not be reflected back, will cause a long time to collide with home items. At the bottom of the household items will be hit by it spots.

2. Ultrasonic bionic technology

Using bionic ultrasonic technology, similar to whales, bats use sound waves to detect and determine home objects and spatial orientation, high sensitivity, high technology costs. There are systematic applications in the aviation industry.

Matters need attention

With the improvement of the living standard, the floor sweeping robot, because of its simple operation and convenient use, has been more and more involved in people's life, family and office. It has become an important member of small household appliances and is very popular. But in the process of use if the operation is not careful, will also cause a fire. Here, remind everyone in the use of floor-sweeping robot process to pay attention to fire-proof.

We should pay attention to the following points:

First, do not use damp in the wet environment, so as to prevent the motor from wetting. A short circuit fire occurs. If it is not dry wet dual-purpose robot, never absorb water.

Second, do not breathe matches, cigarette butts and other flammable substances into the floor sweeping robot.

Third, the use time should not be too long, if the fuselage overheating, should stop a little time to use. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn.

Fourth, it is strictly prohibited to use floor sweeping robots in flammable and explosive situations to avoid fire and explosion accidents.

Fifth, the floor sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging seat to charge after each work, waiting for the next time to start the automatic cleaning scheduled cleaning. If you don't use a floor robot for a long time, unplug the power cord from the socket, remove the robot battery, and store it in a dry place.

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