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Multi-functional Steam Cleaning Machine SC-036C
Aug 10, 2018

Multi-purpose steam cleaning machine uses high-temperature steam cleaning liquid, high-speed spray for indoor cleaning treatment. Steam cleaning machine is more convenient to use, it only takes a very short time to spray out strong steam for cleaning, sterilizing and eliminating odors, and the current steam cleaning machine is also very good in terms of safety. Because water can be added at any time and anywhere in the process of use, it is not necessary to wait until the steam in the steam cleaning machine is cooled to carry out the operation of adding water, which not only ensures the safety effectively, but also enables the cleaning work to be carried out continuously and saves time. And for some of the usual cleaning methods we don't have The way to clean the dead end of the sanitation, steam cleaner can easily clean it, the home has a steam cleaning machine is really very good.


Introduction of characteristics of steam cleaner

Quick: steam cleaner only needs 30 seconds of preheating time to spray out strong steam for sterilizing and sterilizing, while ordinary pressure cooker takes 10 to 15 minutes of preheating time.

Safety: steam cleaning machine in the process of use can be added water anytime, this makes cleaning work can be carried out continuously, working hours can also be indefinitely extended, safe and fast. But the ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaner needs to release steam cooling and then add water to use after running out of water, causing trouble in use, if the exhaust steam outlet is blocked, it may lead to explosion danger.

Practical: steam cleaning machine has different two-stage pressure steam can be selected according to the need to use, very practical. Ordinary pressure cooker steam cleaning machine only one pressure steam, there is no choice.




Cleaning and decontamination: Fume machine, gas stove, toilet, glass, bathroom, door and window, coal stove, refrigerator, leather sofa, car engine, car seat, car interior, staircase, floor, tile, carpet, leather goods, seat, all kinds of jewelry, collar sleeve, sneaker, Glass, mirror, ceramic ware, wooden furniture, hard-to-clean edges, door frames, cracks, holes, corners, car air conditioning exits, cushions, etc.

Sterilization: Toilet, rag, mop, floor, carpet, sofa, bedspread, curtains, clothes, children's toys, dishwashing cloth, dish board, tableware, shoes, car interior, pet nest, all kinds of handles and so on.

Other: Ironing clothes, removing odors, humidifying air, inhibiting formaldehyde, cleaning and washing cars, interior sauna

High temperature and high pressure steam can be produced by adding water and electricity for a few minutes, exerting its cleaning and wrinkle power on various types of surfaces. It effectively uses the high temperature and high pressure of steam to clean different configurations: indoor floor, bathroom, kitchen, gas stove, range hood, window glass; and wrinkle and ironing for clothing, curtain, cloth sofa, etc. With antivirus, disinfection, environmental protection and other advantages.



Product evaluation

With the characteristics of convenience and multi-function, it is suitable for the modern family that life tempo is quickened. This modern new cleaning tool is not perfect. It uses the power cord as the power supply, has the wire residual winding and the bondage. Overall, however, the market outlook for the product, which transcends traditional cleaning tools to meet the needs of modern urban households, is still to be looked forward to.

But like all other TV shopping products, this modern new cleaning tool is not flawless. It uses rechargeable batteries as a power source, which is really easy for users to carry and move. But compared with traditional cleaning tools using alternating current power, rechargeable batteries have limited power duration and service life. Although it can be used to some extent, it can only be applied to dry ground, can not effectively clean water and other stains adhered to the ground, can not completely replace the mop. Tools to meet the needs of modern urban families, the market outlook is worth looking forward to.

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