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Hot Selling FS-032 Intelligent Dust-trawling Machine
Aug 01, 2018

Hot Selling FS-032 Intelligent Dust-trawling Machine

Get rid of heavy, clean zero worry: product electric rotation, mop using very fine fiber material, super-clean, easy to clean.

80 watts per hour, low energy consumption: scientific design, uniform electric speed, no electricity consumption, power consumption is one of the other 10 clean mops.



Double power motor, power lasting strong: our towing artifact holds dual power motor, provides a constant and lasting power for mop, the power will not be affected by the length of time used. From 40 square meters to 400 square meters, it's that simple.

Super long wire: 8 meters long wire, no matter how big the house is, clean every corner easily.

High quality: the mop adopts advanced MICROFIBER material to make 15mm thick, high elasticity, can thoroughly clean floor crevice.



Product Features

Super-labor-saving: double reverse rotation to counteract resistance in all directions, allowing you to experience a completely new way of cleaning with hand-held guidance without effort. Reaching never thought of dragging the ground as easy as a walk.

Super clean: 450 mm ultra wide clean surface, with high speed and strong rotating drive disk, allows you to complete the arduous housework in minutes. And that is to drag the dry.

Good results: one-handed operation, super-speed rotation, easy to "turn away" stubborn dirt.

Easy to clean: high-quality superfine fibers combine the correct weaving process, it creates a very effective cleaning material.

No dead angle: about 90 degrees, about 180 degrees, clean no dead angle, easy to mop the floor.



Installation Instructions

  Unpacking: pull the mop rod by hand and pull the product out directly;

Access handle: the handle and pull rod are spliced together first, only when they are aligned and inserted;

        Wiring: hold down the hook on the street of the power cord to bounce it up, insert it into the other end of the connector and release it.

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