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Home Intelligent Floor Sweeping Robot
Sep 29, 2018

A floor sweeping robot, also known as an intelligent vacuum cleaner, is an intelligent household appliance capable of automatically cleaning the ground, because it can independently inspect and judge the situation of the ground according to the type of house, the furniture, and the ground, and plan a reasonable cleaning route. Then complete the cleaning of the room, so it is called intelligent floor sweeping robot.


From the view of the structure of floor sweeping robot, most floor sweeping robots adopt frame structure, which are separated into three spaces from the bottom up: the first layer is equipped with driving motor and transmission mechanism of each moving part, the second layer is garbage storage space, the second layer is the garbage storage space. The third level assembles the robot control system, the wiring board, the power supply battery, the switch and so on.

From the point of view of function, the core technology of floor sweeping robot is to perceive the surrounding environment, then plan the walking path, effectively traverse every area, and finish the cleaning work. Its important equipment consists of computer, distance sensor, gyroscope, power supply, vacuum cleaner and so on.


The "eye"-sensing system of the floor sweeping robot consists of two parts: the rangefinder system and the vehicle body attitude adjustment system. The rangefinder system consists of three distance sensors at the top of the robot and a close switch at the bottom front edge. On the one hand, the distance sensor can judge whether there are obstacles during cleaning, and if there are obstacles, avoid them in time. If you turn left, you will avoid the rule. If the floor sweeping robot has a good sensor system, it can avoid obstacles and sweep the area around the obstacle in time.


The vehicle body attitude adjustment system is mainly made up of gyroscope sensors, in order to keep the floor sweeping robot running without deviating from the orbit, the gyroscope sensor system can be used to adjust the motion condition of the floor sweeping robot at any time. Ensure that the sweeping robot adjusts in time and does not deviate from the channel after the deviation reaches a certain value.

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