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Hand-held Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner
Oct 12, 2018

The hand-held vacuum cleaner is small and convenient to carry and use. It is a kind of household cleaning product between ordinary household vacuum cleaner and portable vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for cleaning smaller space. Mainly used in car cleaning, keyboard, electrical appliances and other good results. The drawback is that the power is small and the suction is not strong enough.


The hand-held vacuum cleaner can remove dust mainly because its head is equipped with an electric exhaust. There are wind impellers on the rotating shaft of the extractor. After the power is turned on, the suction and pressure are generated at the speed of 500 cycles per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at high speed. The air in the suction part of the front end of the fan continuously replenishes the air in the fan, resulting in an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner, forming a negative pressure brush with the outside atmosphere pressure, long pipes, bends, and hose joints into the dust filter bag. Dust and other sundries remain in the filter bag, the air is purified by the filter sheet and discharged from the tail of the body. Hand-held vacuum cleaners with different parts Parts, such as floor brush can clean the ground, flat brush can clean sofa surface, bed sheets, curtains, etc., and small suction nozzle can remove dust from small corners and dirt in some household appliances. Application of hand-held vacuum cleaners: carpet, car cleaning, electrical appliances, home and so on.


Seasonal changes in the collection of bedding and other items due to the occupation of storage space, improper storage easily borer. If they are placed in a custom plastic sealed bag and then vacuum cleaner is used to draw the air out of the bag and close it, it can save storage space greatly and is not susceptible to dampness and mildew.


Home life can easily drop small items such as buttons, pills, bottle caps, sewing needles and so on, which can be easily found by vacuum cleaners. Before use, the vacuum cleaner can be wrapped with a thin gauze, then according to the size of the appropriate selection of wind power, and then connect the power pipe mouth around the falling object sliding back and forth, dropped articles will soon adsorb on the gauze.

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