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Automatic Intelligent Floor Sweeping Robot
Aug 30, 2018

Sweeping robot is also known as the treasure of the ground. Because of the technical level and other reasons, the early sweeping robot had many hard injuries in the actual sweeping. Intelligent household sweeping robot has been greatly improved.


Built-in intelligent cleaning mode to meet different cleaning needs, mini design, cleanness and small area cleaning. Small fuselage, can go deep into the bottom of the furniture for cleaning. Inspiration comes from the sticky wall climbing gecko. For the short blanket, when the uneven ground is cleaned, the suction mouth floats up and down with elasticity, which ensures that the suction loss is zero and the suction is super clean at the same time. When the fuselage goes deep into the corner of the wall, the sanitary dead angle such as pressing the line door to realize the depth cleaning, the 180 °surround the PVC material buffer belt, cooperate with the intelligent inductive eye function, humanization will reduce the impact strength to the lowest, realize soft collision, protect the machine and furniture.


Sensitive special sensing device, when the step or staircase, will automatically turn to continue to work, to avoid accidental fall. One-key operation is easy to work until 20 batches, the floor sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging base station to charge. Set an automatic working time for the robot, a week as the cycle, arrange the robot to clean. Inevitably, there are places in the home environment where you don't want intelligent robots to enter. Virtual walls can block robots with an invisible wall. Can be remote-controlled robot cleaning key, start, recharge and other work.


Matters need attention

1.Do not use damp in wet environment, lest electrical machinery short-circuit fire. Do not suck water if it is not a wet-dry double-purpose floor sweeping robot.

2.Do not breathe matches, cigarette butts and other flammable substances into the floor sweeping robot.

3.Use time should not be too long, if the fuselage overheating, should stop a little time to use. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn.

4.It is forbidden to use floor sweeping robots in flammable and explosive situations to avoid fire and explosion accidents.

5.When the floor sweeping robot is finished, the power cord should be unplugged from the socket, and the floor sweeping robot should be arranged and stored in a dry place.

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