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Working principle of automatic Intelligent floor sweeping Robot
Aug 30, 2018

1. Through the high speed rotation of the motor, the vacuum is formed in the main engine, and the garbage is sucked in from the suction mouth by using the high speed airflow generated therefrom. At this time, the speed of the airflow as high as 240 rpm, lice and other pests into the mainframe, they died because of high-speed impact on the inner wall of the suction tube.

2. Inhaling the garbage of the machine is stored in the cloth bag machine, filtered air, while cooling the motor, while being expelled from the floor sweeping machine.

3. Motor is the heart of floor sweeping machine, its performance can directly affect the reliability of floor sweeping machine. In addition, the motor used by the floor sweeping machine rotates 20, 000 to 40, 000 rpm. For example, the motor of an electric fan has a rotational speed of about 1800 ~ 3600 rpm, which shows how high the speed of the motor is.

4. The unit that correctly represents the performance of a floor sweeping machine is not input power (watts, or amperes), but output power (suction power).

5. "The suction force"depends on the resultant force of wind and vacuum, but these two factors have the opposite characteristics."That is to say, when the wind is strong, the vacuum force becomes weak, and when the vacuum force is strong, the wind force becomes smaller. The maximum of the combined force of the two represents the"suction power" of the sweeping machine's capacity, which is expressed in watt (W). This definition is recognized worldwide by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as an international standard for the performance of floor sweeping machines. Japan, Germany, etc. Use this unit as a unit indicating the performance of a floor sweeping machine, but in other regions, the size of the input power is directly misinterpreted a unit that represents the performance of a floor sweeping machine.

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