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Working principle and Mechanism of Ultrasonic Mini washing Machine
Aug 23, 2018

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaner is: converting power frequency alternating current into high frequency alternating current signal through the switch action of FET! Achieving the frequency of ultrasonic! Converting high frequency mechanical oscillation through transducer! And then spreading to cleaning solvent, ultrasonic radiates forward densely in cleaning solution, making the liquid vibrate and produce no vibration. There are a few tiny bubbles, which grow in the negative pressure region where the ultrasonic propagates longitudinally, and close rapidly in the positive pressure region. This phenomenon is called cavitation effect.

The main mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is: ultrasonic cavitation, the microbubble (cavitation nucleus) in liquid vibrates under the action of sound field, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly and then closes suddenly. When bubbles close, shock waves are produced, and thousands of atmospheric pressures are produced around them, which destroy insoluble contaminants and disperse them in solution.

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