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Working effect and working principle of window cleaning robot
Aug 08, 2018

Is the robotic window cleaner useful?

        If your office or home has large windows, in an ideal world, robotic window cleaners should offer obvious benefits.Imagine, you need more than 12 feet of windows. These innovative devices can not only help, but also protect you from hazards and dangerous situations.Most of the time, these products are equipped with microfiber cushions to effectively clean glass. Many robotic window cleaners allow you to spray microfiber pads with special solutions before placing robots on windows that need cleaning. With this combination, you can bid farewell to the stripes and other markings that are common in the classic cleaning process.

How do they work? What do they work on?

        In our modern society, home robots are becoming more and more normal. The trend is not to participate in any ordinary home tasks without the help of robotic devices, which can be executed automatically to facilitate us. Although robotic vacuum cleaners have taken over the concept of house cleaning and have almost outsourced the concept of cleaning windows the goal of the robot window cleaner is to introduce similar automatic window cleaning for the most technologically friendly owners.

        The robot window cleaner performs the task in a variety of ways. Some of them use suction to make sure they stay in the window. This is the most obvious solution.The robots clean the windows with two rotating cleaning plates. The two disks generate vacuum power at rest and keep the robot safe on the surface. One disk remains still and slowly rotates the body while moving and cleaning, while the other rotates to clean the area around the fixed disk. They switch and go to the next part of the window after completion. By using this motion technique, the robot walks around and cleans the entire window.However, there are some robot cleaners working in different ways. For example, there is a device consisting of two separate units. The two units are kept together through the permanent magnets. The individual units are powered by the battery. They are located on both sides of the window glass. Each unit has a specific function during this process. When one of the units is clean, the unit is clean. On the other side of the glass, another unit is responsible for the robot's movement. After completion, the two parts must be exchanged in order to clean the other side of the window.

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