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Window wiper basic definition
Apr 20, 2018

Window-wiping robots, also known as automatic window cleaners, glass-wiping robots, intelligent window cleaners, smart window cleaners, etc., are a type of smart home appliances that can be firmly adsorbed by virtue of their own bottom vacuum pump or fan unit. On the glass, and then with the aid of certain artificial intelligence, the distance between the corners of the window is automatically detected and the path of the window is planned. The window wiping robot generally uses the force absorbed on the glass to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the stain on the glass. .

The emergence of window cleaning robots is mainly to help people solve the problems of high-level window cleaning and outdoor window cleaning. Its biggest feature is that it can automatically return to the position where it started working on the window after the work is completed, and will not run after it is wiped. To reach people out of reach.

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