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What is the popular smart furniture in your home
Jul 30, 2018

What is the popular smart furniture in your home

   In recent years, the leapfrog development of smart home has enabled more people to know and live smart home. But it is interesting to see that even in China's vast market, smart home users are far fewer than those in Europe and the United States. China's smart home market has not been really developed.


One of the data shows that the penetration rate of smart locks in Europe and America is over 40-50%, while in Japan it is more than 70%, while in China it is still hovering below 9%. It is obvious that the consumption of smart home in China is lower than that in Europe and America. Many consumers simply believe that the use of mobile phones to operate all kinds of devices in the home is a smart home, in fact, this is only a preliminary stage of intelligence, the future technology must be a non-perceptual automatic mode.


Because smart home belongs to the product of scientific and technological innovation, there are still great differences in the understanding of the market, which naturally produces the conduction effect in the terminal market. Data from the home decoration field tell us that the acceptance of smart home is obviously high among young consumers, for example, some customers will take the initiative to choose intelligent solutions. The curtain can be automatically adjusted according to the indoor temperature and light, and the lighting can also produce a variety of atmosphere in different occasions. Especially in the installation of smart home and the whole intelligent home control system, users are more concerned and in greater demand, for example, users are more Smart in favor of the entire set of smart home solutions and the entire set of smart home control system. Complete and effective implementation of the program for the user to install the location cut and implemented. Intelligent home control system to achieve the linkage of electrical appliances, simple and practical, convenient and efficient.


The current initiative to install smart home solutions will focus on high-educated and high-income people, especially some returning overseas, and will be more receptive to smart products. The reason behind this is that smart home is still in the stage of popularization, and most of the related concepts come from technology information, industry exhibitions and offline exhibition halls, which are more closely related to highly educated people. In addition, they are more willing to try something new. In the future, smart home will take the lead among the young and highly educated consumers, and the number of smart home users will continue to rise.

Data: Smart Home Application crowd Segmentation

Smart Home brings new services, redefines the customer experience and stimulates the expansion of market demand, and its vast market value will enable it to be widely used in hotels, villas, residential communities, factories, office buildings, business centers, Large venues and other areas, and greatly changed our existing way of life.

1.High-end population in society: about 70%

        This part of the population is the main consumer of smart home, their quality of life is high, the most concern is the brand, quality and appearance. At the same time, products can meet their show-off, status and economic superiority, status symbol and other psychological needs.

2. Next is the technology enthusiast: about 15%

These people are crazy about technology products, not necessarily rich, but they like to buy what they like. Their general spending power and consumption awareness is strong.

3.Old people and people with mobility disabilities: 10% or so

They are very much in need of these products because of their physical and age inconveniences. But the general purchasing power is insufficient.

4.The other 5%or so.

Owners of apartments, duplex rooms and villas with a residential area greater than 120 level

The IT industry, the electronics industry, the digital industry success person

Senior managers of Chinese and foreign enterprises

④Individual and private enterprise owners in China

Overseas returnees

Local government officials

Electronics lovers

Elderly persons and persons with mobility disabilities

20% of the country's successful people

       It is not difficult to see that villas and high-end real estate market cake is very small, people who have done smart home know, this part of the crowd their personalization requirements are very high, we need to look for various products to meet their needs, together to complete a set of smart home, The final effect can be imagined.

From the domestic market, smart home enterprises are mainly divided into three categories: one is Haier, the United States, Changhong TCL, Gree as the representative of the traditional home business, one is including Xiaomi, JingDong, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, including the Internet technology companies; The other is ecommerce platforms (such as JingDong, Tmall, etc.) and smart home brands such as Orebo and Anjubo (300155).

The range of Intelligent Home Appliances


1. Intelligent home appliance

There are many electrical appliances at home, such as: air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, washing machine, water dispenser, audio, electromagnetic stove, rice cooker and so on. We can all achieve remote control, can be fully open, single, single, timing control, without the need to reform the existing household appliances, you can easily achieve.

2. Intelligent lighting

At home, you don't have to get up from the warm quilt in the winter to forget the lights in the living room; you don't have to go through all the rooms before you leave home to check if you forgot to turn off the power supply. All you have to do is take out your phone and gently click on it, and everything will be under your control.  

3. Video monitoring system 

Not only can the on-site video data of security incidents be recorded in a timely manner, it is convenient to query and obtain evidence after the event, and it can provide the basis for subsequent investigations, but also by authorizing specific users of different levels, through PC computers and tablets, A smartphone can watch live video or go back to the video at any time.

4. Smart home environment

Based on the intelligent home control system platform, the intelligent home products of environmental monitoring class actively induce indoor and outdoor environment (temperature, PM2.5 and so on), and the related equipment (such as air purifier, new wind system) adjust the indoor environment, so that the family environment is comfortable, safe and healthy.

5. Intelligent refrigerator

It can change the refrigerator mode automatically, keep the food in the best storage state all the time, let the user know the quantity of the food in the refrigerator anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone or computer, keep the quality information, and provide the healthy recipe and nutrition taboo for the user. Can remind users to regularly supplement food and so on.

6. Smart TV

Smart TV no longer passively receives TV signals, on smart TV, you can order what you're interested to watch; like on a mobile phone, you can install different kinds of apps on TV; and you can use your phone. Connected to devices such as tablets, you can use your mobile phone to control televisions and wirelessly place the content on your phone's tablet to watch it on a large screen, allowing you to interact with each other on multiple screens.

7. Intelligent sanitary ware

When you reach a meter from the toilet, the toilet lid automatically opens; in the cold winter, the toilet ring is adjusted to the temperature you think is most comfortable; and in a large bathtub, you can sit in a bath and listen to the music. Press a button to open the self-cleaning function of the pipe.

8. Intelligent mirror

The mirror display, which displays daily weather, weight, notes, and so on, has a translucent reflector surface and an RF range sensor that senses user gestures, as in science fiction movies.

9. Intelligent mattress

For human sleep habits, integrate a variety of global quality, healthy sleep raw materials. It can raise the position of the legs under the action of the motor, make the blood flow back, which is of great benefit to the heart, brain and legs; it can also elevate the position of the head so as to facilitate reading in bed, watching TV and other leisure entertainment.

The original back rolling massage and back, leg vibration massage system, can relax the body, adjust the body and mind, relax muscles and loose bones, taste life to the United States, fully protect your sleep quality. Perceives and records the user's sleep, such as the number of turns, breathing, heart rate, effective deep sleep time, and so on.

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