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The principle of Mite removal machine
Aug 14, 2018

The principle of general mite removal instrument

Built-in powerful batter, using a frequency of several thousand times per minute to simulate the movement of human tools to beat bedding, internal dust pat, hair, dandruff and other dirt, was brushed in by the high speed rotating brush head, The dust chamber of the vacuum cleaner is inhaled through a strong suction force. Finally, by simulating the sunlight with ultraviolet rays, the microorganism cells were directly destroyed, and the mites, bacteria and molds lost their survival and fecundity. In addition, if there is any omission of the HEPA filter, the inhaler will be filtered out by the dust gas separation technology to avoid the secondary pollution caused by the inhalation floating out.

The Principle of ultraviolet mites removal instrument

Ultraviolet rays can kill some dust mites under certain conditions, and then suck out dust, wool, hair, and mite carcasses through brushes. UV radiation time is short, can kill only a small part of the mites.

The Principle of ultrasonic mites removal instrument

The scrambling ultrasonic wave of 40000Hz is produced, and the unique frequency of ultrasonic wave is applied to the mites to make them deviate from the physiological equilibrium position, which can effectively inhibit the feeding and reproduction of dust mites during their life cycle.

The difference between mites and vacuum cleaners

In the structure of the mite cleaner, a filter called HEPA technology is added, and you can understand it as a very professional net, and its density is so high that even the naked eye can't see the mites, and when the suction of the vacuum cleaner draws the mites into the body, Mites are hit by a powerful suction on the HEPA net, which can really clear the mites. Ordinary vacuum cleaner can not remove mites, although many vacuum cleaners have the concept of removing mites, but ordinary vacuum cleaners do not have the function of beating and ultraviolet radiation, so they can not really eliminate mites.

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