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The precautions for Intelligent Air Humidifier
Aug 28, 2018

Ultrasonic humidifier uses transducer to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and generates 1.7 million high frequency oscillations per second by oscillating circuit to directly oscillate water into ultrafine particles ≤ 5 microns, and then diffuses water molecules into the surrounding air through pneumatic devices. It is easy to produce scale on the surface of the transducer when it is working. If it is not regularly maintained and cleaned, the load will be increased when the transducer is working, indicating that the machine can not work properly. It is recommended to use distilled water and purified water, which can effectively prolong the service life of the machine.

Matters need attention

1. Initial use should be placed at room temperature for half an hour before boot.

2. Use ambient temperature of 10-40 degrees.

3. Use clean water with temperatures below 40 degrees.

4. Keep away from other household appliances while the machine is working.

5. Do not add non-professional production lines or supervisory additives to water.

6. Do not put humidifiers on empty objects to avoid common frequency resonance noise.

7. Do not turn on the machine without water.

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