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The Methods of use and maintenance of domestic vacuum cleaners for vehicles
Aug 21, 2018

Usage methods:

For dust that cannot be vacuumed, use a duster to slap out of the car. For example, a velvet chair can dust the hole from the mat and then use a vacuum cleaner. It should be noted that dusting should not be too strong, otherwise the dusted object will easily break down. In addition, when dusting, because there is a lot of dust flying in the car, so the door must be completely open, and the air conditioning should also be maximum, in order to blow the dust out of the car.

Before using the vacuum cleaner, you can cover the front suction nozzle with a layer of silk stockings at the joint of the hose, which becomes a fairly good filter to improve the efficiency of the vacuum.

The benefits of a simple filter made of stockings go beyond that. Because of the structure of the vacuum cleaner itself, the air can be sucked out from the inside. With a stocking filter and the filter of the vacuum cleaner itself, a two-stage filter can be formed to prevent the vacuum cleaner from discharging dust in the vehicle at the outlet again. If you feel uninsured, you can also put a wet tissue on the outlet, so that the filter will be better, but also to prevent the odour of the emission.

Maintenance method:

1.The first use of vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner should first make sure that the filter or dust bag installation is correct;

2. Use vehicle vacuum cleaner power supply should pay attention to the gentle action of plugging, to avoid damage to the cigarette lighter;

3. The problem of step 2 does not exist in the wireless vehicle vacuum cleaner;

4. The use of vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners should be the first to disconnect the power supply;

5. Remove the filter net or dust collecting bag from the vacuum cleaner in accordance with the requirements in the manual;

6. Clean up the dust in the filter screen or dust bag;

7. Use wet soft cloth to clean the dust attached to the inner wall of the vacuum cleaner;

8. Reinstall the filter net or dust bag back into the original position;

9. Reassemble the vehicle vacuum cleaner;

10. Use clear water with soft cloth to clean the shell of the vacuum cleaner;

11. When wiping the shell to pay attention to the switch, the protection of the power supply;

12. Check the power plug, the integrity of the wire, eliminate defects and other hidden dangers;

13. Refold the power cord to avoid dead bending when folding to prevent wire lines from being damaged or ageing ahead of time;

14. Reload the handled vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner into the product package and not drop it in the car at will;

15.It is suggested that the vehicle vacuum cleaner should be placed in dry, sunless position at home or in the trunk of the car, so as to facilitate the next use.

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