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The high-end positioning and future development trend of lidar navigation sweeping robots
Aug 20, 2018

1.The cost of lidar sensors is not cheaper than that of other navigation sensors;

2.Lidar sensor is the result of high-precision technology, which has high threshold, and has not been popularized in the field of intelligent floor sweeping robot;

3.The laser navigation floor sweeping robot can draw a more accurate map interface, provide better planning and navigation than the traditional floor sweeping robot, can visualize the trajectory, and improve the quality of the user experience.

Future development trend

With the testing of inxnig Neato in the field of laser navigation sweeping robot, and the excellent performance of laser navigation sweeping robot, laser navigation has become the next hot spot in the field of floor sweeping robot competition. However, from the current market point of view, only a few products floor sweeping robot equipped with laser navigation function, the real market outbreak may still need 1 to 2 years of technical precipitation and market gestation.

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