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The application field of ultrasonic cleaning machine
Aug 27, 2018

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in surface spraying industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, clock jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry. Other industries, such as ultrasonic cleaning machines are used as follows:

1.Surface spray treatment industry: (cleaning appendages: oil, mechanical chip, abrasive, dust, polishing wax) before plating to remove carbon deposition, remove oxidation, remove polishing paste, remove oil and rust, ion plating before cleaning, phosphating treatment, Metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc. Stainless steel polishing, stainless steel cutting tools, cutlery, tools, locks, lighting, hand decoration spray pretreatment, plating before cleaning.

2.Mechanical industry: (cleaning attachments: cutting oil, abrasive particles, iron scraps, dust, fingerprints) rust-proof grease removal; measuring tool cleaning; mechanical parts of the oil and rust removal; engine, engine parts, gearbox, shock absorber, bush, oil nozzle, cylinder, valve body, carburetor and car parts and chassis paint before the oil removal, rust removal, pre-phosphating cleaning; filter, filter, transmission, shock absorber, bush Precision mechanical parts, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, molds, especially in the railway industry, the oil removal and decontamination of train compartment air conditioning, the rust prevention, rust removal, oil removal of various parts of the train head, non-oil removal always fit.

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