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System and Product function of automatic Intelligent window cleaning Robot
Aug 22, 2018

Product function

1. Microcomputer drive system;

2. Two generation vacuum adsorption;

3. Intelligent cleaning system;

4. Second generation MESM detection system;

5. Five safety to prevent fall and fall;

6. Intelligent life support system.

Automatic Intelligent window cleaning Robot system

1. Two cleaning wheels, free to walk on glass doors and windows

2. The windows of the inner window are wiped at the same time, and any passing by leaves a clean mark

3. Automatic window cleaning mode can automatically wipe whole glass

4. Automatic detection of window and door edges

5. Computer trajectory planning

6. Rags on two cleaning wheels

7. Adopt superfine fiber to not drop wool scraps

8. Dishcloth can be easily replaced, external machine can be fitted with small pipes, used to wash wind sand

9. Remote control operation

10. Automatic mode and manual control mode

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