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Steam mop purchase
Apr 20, 2018

1, the type and characteristics of the transmission medium, such as fluid temperature, viscosity, corrosion, stability and so on.

2. The difference in pressure of the electromagnetic pump. The voltage difference refers to the maximum pressure difference between the two ends of the pump body that the electromagnetic pump can produce or can overcome.

3. The self-priming height of the electromagnetic pump, which specifically refers to the vertical height between the source of the fluid and the pump when the inlet tube is empty.

4, self-priming length. The self-priming length of the electromagnetic pump refers to the length of the pipe from the fluid source to the pump when the inlet pipe is empty.

5, self-priming time, which is related to the length of self-priming, specifically, when the inlet tube is empty, the time from the start of the electricity until the time the liquid is pumped to the pump body outlet.

6. The working period of the electromagnetic pump refers to the sum of the working time after each power-on and the time after the power-off.

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