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Steam Mop How to Remove Stubborn Stains
Apr 20, 2018

The steam mop features grease removal, dirt, and stubborn stains. It can remove the most troublesome hood grease, toilet stains, urine stains, leather sofa stains, and refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Yearly stubborn stains.

Steam mops can clean the edges, empty spaces, corners, homes, office floors, borders, corners, door frames, windows, drawers in refrigerators, partitions, sinks, cupboards, sofa edges, bottoms, etc. where rags and mops cannot be scrubbed. Just a light spray.

Steam mops have the function of efficiently cleaning glass products. The high-temperature steam at 130°C can easily make these stubborn stains adhering to these corners fall off on their own, and the original dirty places will be completely renewed. This is where the power of steam mops lies.

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