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Precautions in the use of intelligent air humidifiers
Oct 18, 2018

1. Use when relative humidity is less than 80.

2. It is best to stay away from heat sources, corrosion and furniture in a stable plane of 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Do not touch the water with your hands or empty boxes when using. Remove the water from the tank when you move it. No inversion is allowed.

4. Water should be used below 40 and no other kinds of chemicals can be added.

5.According to their own requirements for humidity, reasonable adjustment of spray volume and constant humidity value.

6. Use soft brush to clean the energy exchanger, wipe the sink with soft cloth once a week; wipe the sensor with soft cloth; wash the water tank and shake it two or three times.

7. Clean the humidifier once a week. Do not put the machine into the water while cleaning. The temperature of cleaning water shall not exceed 50℃.

8. Do not use detergents, kerosene, alcohol and so on to clean the fuselage and components. Do not disassemble the parts yourself.

9. Do not use in case of freezing ice, should stop immediately in case of failure.

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