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Points for attention in the use of window cleaning Robot
Sep 18, 2018

1.Before using, be sure to fasten the safety rope and tie it to the fixtures in the house.

2.Before using, please check if the safety rope is broken and the knot is loose.

3.Glass doors and windows without balcony must be set up danger warning area on the ground floor.

4.The machine has a strong magnet, be careful not to close to the magnetic card or magnetic recording device.

5.Remove obstacles from glass and prohibit use of cracked glass.

6.Children are prohibited from using it.

7.It is forbidden to spray water directly on the mainframe.

8.When the sun is too strong, the infrared sensor will fail, the machine has voice prompt, please do not use in windowless glass.

9.When used in reflective glass and coated glass, the surface of glass may be scratched by wind sand.

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