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Points for attention in the use of floor sweeping robot
Sep 29, 2018

1.Floor sweeping robots belong to household products, preferably not in outdoor use, lest affect the use of floor sweeping machine life.

2.Use only the original rechargeable battery and rechargeable battery seat which is specially supplied by the manufacturer. The use of non-rechargeable battery and battery specification information is strictly prohibited to be based on the product itself attached to the "product parameters" as a benchmark.

3.Make sure the dust box is in place before using the product. The filter material is in place.

4.Before using the product, you can clean down the power cord and small items on the ground to avoid obstructing the product in the process of cleaning.Fold the edge of the blanket under the carpet and keep hanging curtains, tablecloths, etc out of contact with the floor. Minimize obstacles to the work of a floor sweeping robot.

5.Product temperature range from -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, do not use in low temperature or high temperature environment.

6.Do not use in wet environment to avoid electrical machinery from short-circuit fire. If it's not a floor sweeping robot that's dry and wet, never absorb water.

7.Please do not put things in the suction mouth, do not use when the suction mouth is blocked, please clean the dust, cotton wool, hair etc in time, to ensure that the air flow smoothly at the suction.

8.Do not breathe matches, cigarette butts and other flammable substances into the floor sweeping robot.

9.Use time should not be too long, if the fuselage overheating, should stop a little time to use. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn. 10.It is forbidden to use floor sweeping robots in flammable and explosive situations to avoid fire and explosion accidents.

11.The floor sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging seat to charge after each operation, waiting for the next time to make an appointment to start the automatic cleaning.If you don't use a floor robot for a long time, unplug the power cord from the socket, remove the robot battery, and store it in a dry place.

12.Before cleaning and maintaining the product, be sure to unplug the plug from the power outlet and turn off the product power switch.

13.Only authorized technicians can disassemble the product. Users are not advised to dismantle the product themselves.

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