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Methods and precautions of handheld Steam cleaning Machine
Aug 21, 2018

Methods of using the machine:

1. Unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from the top down

2. Add a metering cup of water

3. Turn off the helmet clockwise (if you press the helmet idling please press it down and then tighten it when you hear the sound of "patter")

4. Assemble accessories as needed

5. Connect the power plug and the power indicator will light up. After waiting 2-5 minutes, hold down the steam spray button and use it


1. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemical, such as detergent, and only ordinary water can be used.

2. Water should not be filled too full when used, because there is a relief valve on the lid, too full water will overflow through the hole in the relief valve.

3. Add water and drain water during use: when opening the lid, make sure to finish the steam inside, make sure to beat a few more times, then slowly open the lid.

4. When you change your head, don't pull it down, you must spin it before you go down.

5. After cleaning, place the cleaner for a period of time, let its body cool, then pour out the remaining water, this helps to protect the heater.

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