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Matters needing attention in using Ultrasonic cleaning Machine
Sep 25, 2018

1.Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and electric heater power supply must have good grounding device.

2.Ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly forbidden to start without cleaning liquid, that is, washing cylinder without a certain amount of cleaning liquid, not to close the ultrasonic switch.

3.The cleaning equipment with heating equipment is strictly forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid.

4.Do not use weight (iron) impact cleaning cylinder bottom to avoid damage to the energy converter wafer.

5.Ultrasonic generator power supply should be used alone 220V/50Hz power supply and equipped with 2000 W voltage stabilizer.

6.Wash the bottom of the cylinder regularly without excessive debris or dirt.

7.Each time when changing the liquid, wait for ultrasonic start, before washing parts.

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