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Matters needing attention in the use of home automatic window cleaning robot
Oct 16, 2018

1. Be sure to tie up the safety rope before use, and tie the safety rope to the inside of the house.

2. Please check that the safety rope is broken and the knot is loose before use.

3. No balcony glass doors and windows, must be set on the ground below danger warning area, personnel are forbidden to approach.

4. This machine must be followed by power cord before it can be used properly.

5. Please use the battery under full charge (green light).

6. Please turn on the power before placing the machine.

7. When placing the machine on the glass, make sure the machine can be attached to the glass and let go.

8. Please remove the machine and turn off the power.

9. Do not use glass without window frames.

10. Make sure the cleaning ring is mounted on the cleaning wheel to avoid air leakage.

11. Do not use in rainy or humid weather.

12. Do not spray water directly on the machine.

13. Do not allow children to use it.

14. Remove obstacles from glass and prohibit use of cracked glass. When used in reflective glass and coated glass, be careful to scratch glass surface due to wind sand.

15. Do not let hair, corners, fingers and any part of the body close to product openings or turn parts.

16. Do not allow machines to inhale flammable fluids, gases, such as gasoline, or near flammable fluids or gases.

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