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Matters needing attention in Intelligent window cleaning Robot
Sep 10, 2018

1.Only when the outdoor temperature is above 0 degrees above 40 degrees, no strong wind, no rain, dry air can be made outside use this product. When using, the product should be properly connected with the safety buckle through the safety rope.

2.When the product is working, please always keep the product in the state of electrification. The built-in safety backup battery of the product is used only to maintain production in case of sudden power failure, the product should be kept adsorbed on the window for a limited period of time without falling down. It should not be used as power supply for normal work to avoid risks.

3.During use, make sure that someone is there to help the product if necessary.

4.Only in the home environment, do not use in commercial and industrial premises.

5. It is best not to use large-area wet or oily windows to avoid the risk of slippage.

6.Products should be kept away from heat sources or flammable materials.

7.Do not place the product in water or other liquids to reduce the risk of electric shock; do not store the product in a place where it may fall or be pulled into a bathtub or sink.

8.Do not touch plugs or products with wet hands.

9.Unplug the plug from the socket before maintaining or cleaning the product, but do not pull the plug from the socket by pulling the power cord.

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