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Maintenance of floor sweeping Robot
Oct 19, 2018

1.Do not put the floor-sweeping robot in a wet environment, otherwise it is easy to make the motor damp and short-circuit, burning the motor. At the same time, non-dry-wet dual-purpose floor sweeping robot must not be used to absorb water.

2.Be careful not to breathe matches, cigarette butts and other easy items into the floor sweeping robot.

3.Do not continue to use floor sweeping robot for a long time, if feel the fuselage overheating, should stop after a period of time to use, to prevent motor overheating and burn.

4.If too much dust accumulates in the bottom of the robot's fuselage, it will not only cover the infrared sensor, but also cause a short circuit in the main board, which will destroy the machine.

5.Floor sweeping robots are equipped with edge brushes, and in ordinary use, they are easily entangled in fine objects such as hair, which can cause the motor to heat easily and consume more electricity, thus reducing the battery life. Even the motor will be blocked by rotation because of burning, therefore, we need to use in the daily process in time to clean out the wound brush, brush on the hair. As for cleaning tools, machines are usually equipped with special cleaning tools when they leave the factory, and if not, they can be cleaned with toothbrushes at home.

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