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Intelligent floor sweeping robot function
Aug 03, 2018

Intelligent floor sweeping robot function

1. Sweeping the floor, this is the first task of the sweeping machine, many of them only suck the machine without sweeping, the effect of sweeping is relatively weak, the only king who has a middle sweep is the king's way, so it is the professional cleaning power that looks like that.

2. Mopping floor, this function is relatively general, the level of the entire industry may not have a breakthrough, mainly to sweep the main, a lot of floor sweeping machine with the mop function only on the basis of sweeping to strengthen the cleaning effect. It is not recommended to buy for the sole purpose of mopping the land.

3. Dust, dust is also the main task, there is a sweeping machine can only suck, a single suction can only suck dust and small things such as hair;There is a kind of sweeping function to sweep and suck, taking into account the ability to absorb small garbage, but also can sweep fruit shell, paper scraps, and other garbage, so of course can sweep and can suck good.

4. Sterilization, now quite a lot of with germicidal function. The main form is the machine chassis with a UV ultraviolet sterilization, sweeping the floor at the same time open, can sterilize mites.

5.Filter air, many brands now have the function of filtering air, mainly through the dust box HEPA filter air dust.

6. Negative ion purification, this function is unique, installed a negative ion generator, in addition to ordinary filtration to release oxygen to make the air cleaner.

7. Voice Tip, this function is gradually common, machine failure can tell the user what happened, better troubleshooting solution.

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