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Composition of ultrasonic cleaning machine
Oct 15, 2018

1. Ultrasonic system: including transducer and ultrasonic generator.

2. Transducer: the transducer adopts special high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, high viscosity resin glue to be fixed by special method, never fall off, and can withstand 100 ℃~150 high temperature.

3. Ultrasonic generator: high power ultrasonic generator can be made up of ultra-audio IGBT power electronic device. This ultrasonic generator has advanced circuit, complete structure and a sensitive and reliable integrated control system. All kinds of ultrasonic generators can work independently or in parallel for large-scale cleaning.

4. Heating and temperature control systems: heaters are usually made of stainless steel pipes that are acid-alkali resistant. The purpose of heating is to heat the cleaning agent to increase the washing effect of the cleaning machine. Automatic temperature control, can be adjusted within the appropriate range.

5. Cleaning trough: generally made of stainless steel welded by argon arc welding, the tank body is equipped with slag discharge overhaul port, insulation sound insulation layer, etc. To ensure the water level should be at least 200 mm higher than the transducer box.

6. Tank liquid circulating filtration system: in this system a filter is provided to dynamically filter the tank liquid to maintain the cleanliness of the tank liquid. When the workpiece is out of the tank, the filtered liquid flows through the spraying link of the upper part of the tank to wash the workpiece once, in order to wash off the oil dirt adhered to the surface of the workpiece when the workpiece is out of the trough, so as to avoid the contamination of the lower channel liquid.

7. Transportation system: according to the shape, volume, batch of the workpiece to be cleaned to determine the delivery mode and control of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

8. Spray rinsing system: according to the surface condition of the workpiece being washed, some cleaning machines are equipped with spray rinsing process, which combines ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning organically.

9. Drying system: according to the condition of the workpiece to be washed, some cleaning machines are equipped with drying system, the drying system is mainly composed of heater, blower, blowing nozzle and so on.

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